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After debating for a while whether to start my old blog up again or start a new one, I opted for fresh.  If you are sneaky enough, you may be able to find the old me out there in the internet-abyss, but for now I will focus my literary energies here.

After spending perhaps all of my twenty-two years figuring out exactly who it is I am, I decided this summer that it didn’t matter so much–that I would let myself just enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the destination.  It’s funny how when you feel like a new person, you begin to feel like yourself again.  And you want to start fresh everywhere.

I immediately bought a new journal.  New me, new journal, right?  I got sucked into the world of Twitter (follow me there!), and finally decided I needed a new place to blog to top it off.

All this to say:  Welcome to my new blog!  I hope I can verbalize some of what goes on in my sometimes ridiculous brain.  Sometimes it just helps to write, you know?  Don’t expect brilliance or magnificent eloquence–you will be disappointed–but welcome.