I love sitting at the front desk. Work is not a contact sport up here, as it sometimes is in the Box Office. I just get to sit up here, run reports, answer calls from people who aren’t yelling at me, and peruse Etsy to my heart’s content. It’s peaceful.

Peaceful is good, because it’s been a rough week or so. Elliot and I both got hella sick last week, lying on couches in his living room watching 30 Rock and snoozing the afternoons away. It was a horrible, bronchial, achey cold, and I am glad to say it’s mostly over. Elliot was diagnosed with bronchitis and has been on antibiotics since Saturday, and I am just dealing with leftover coughing, but as far as the doctor was concerned, am fine.

Being sick aside, most of our free time is spent planning the wedding or watching the West Wing, which is our newest television addiction. The writing is so brilliant!

It’s crazy to think that after all those years of dreaming about what it would be like, I am actually planning my wedding. After all those years of dreaming, it is really here, and we really have to find somewhere to hold all of our friends and family and I really have to decide on bridesmaids dresses and flowers and music and and and and…oy vey.

It’s good stress. And as soon as we get the church and reception hall nailed down, I think I will be a lot less nervous about the planning. I am so, so excited. I can’t wait til going home means going to where Elliot is.

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