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Well, today is my last day at my orchestra box office job. I start a new job on Monday, making more money, working more stable hours, and sitting in a cube. Although I am overjoyed to be moving on from this job, there are some things I will miss:

  1. Walking to work.
  2. Spending my days in downtown Rochester.
  3. Having a window to look out all day long.
  4. Wearing basically whatever I want to work.
  5. Working around the corner from my favorite coffee shop, where I have made friends with several baristas.

There are many, many things I will not miss though. Just a few of those are:

  1. All the smells people come in with (cigarette smoke, perfume, BO, bad breath).
  2. Over-privileged people with too much time and money on their hands who think they can treat me as a sub-human.
  3. People who want better tickets than they paid for and feel entitled to yell at me because of this.
  4. Elderlies who are afraid to drive in the snow and that being my fault.
  5. People who don’t want to sit near handicapped people (really happened).
  6. Working in a department that overall gets paid far too little to do far too much.

I am really thankful to be moving on. And you know, terrified. But mostly thankful.