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I’m writing now from across our fair country, and it’s strange to think our friends are in the middle of the evening church service we normally attend and it’s not even 3pm yet here. We left yesterday from Rochester around 8:30 and arrived in Seattle 3:30pm Pacific time, having eaten lunch at noon our time, which was 9am Pacific. 27 hours is a long day.

Our friends Eric and Alanna met us at the airport, and we squeezed in a wine tasting (yum!) before heading out to the Red Hook brewery for the best $1 tour I have ever taken. The tour lasted about an hour, and we got to try 5 beers, one of them twice, for a total of 24oz. of beer, plus a taste of their Imperial IPA, Big Ballard, downstairs at the pub, purely for comparison’s sake. Not bad for a buck, right?

We got home, got the tour of their lovely abode, and Alanna and I started in on dinner. I made a cherry vanilla crisp with some fresh cherries we had bought on the side of the road, and Alanna made a spicy parmesan kale dish, some rice with beans and veggies, and they treated us to some fresh-caught, never-frozen salmon from Pike’s market.

Eric preached this morning, and it was absolutely beautiful, but more on that later. We’re off to see a waterfall!