Turns out one sick crew member can really eff up your plans for the day.

Our original flight-plan: 8:30 flight from SeaTac to JFK (landing 3:30ish Eastern time), 6:15 flight from JFK to ROC, arriving home around 8:30. A long day, but doable, right? Only 9 hours with the time change.

Actual travel-day: 7:30 arrival at SeaTac, flight delayed to 9, flight delayed to 11:45. Quality time with Elliot (you know, I read Bon Appetit while he caught up on the Apple keynote from yesterday). 11:45 flight to JFK, landed around 7:30 local time. Now we are sitting in the terminal. Waiting. We got some dinner, and are waiting for a 10:45 flight to finally bring us home, more than 15 hours after our day began.

I think it’s safe to say I am officially longing for my bed. My eyelids are heavy, and the tv at the terminal is not showing anything particularly interesting. We are wiped.