This week is showing me who’s boss, and I’ll tell you, the boss is not me. I am sitting at work, thinking about the days to come in my head, and trying to plan a dinner where I can use many of the ingredients that are sitting in my fridge, just waiting to be made into something delicious.

Tonight? Nope, girls’ night.

Tomorrow? Nope, gotta use the Groupon that’s about to expire.

Saturday? Nope, we’ll be rushing to a hockey game from our all-afternoon church activity, so that will probably mean hotdogs and beers.

Sunday? …Maybe? But I have a recording session all afternoon and I’m at this point just expecting to grab food with the guys at the studio and call it a night.

It’s not that I’m complaining about all the beautiful events that are taking place this week. It’s just that I feel like I need a few days to rest in between. You know? So I don’t contract all the diseases the college kids at my job are inevitably trying to give me.

So, I’m wiped. But at least work isn’t crazy. What’s got you wiped out today?