In case you didn’t hear yesterday, I am writing a list of ten things I am thankful for each day. Here’s today’s:

1. A super-productive morning at work
2. Getting to leave early today
3. A day off tomorrow
4. A scanning copier (seriously I just scanned 109 pages to my email all at once! instead of one page at a time…)
5. Dipping below my starting weight for the first time in weeks (starting weight of my most recent resolution to be healthier)
6.  Impending pork chops with rosemary sauce
7. Someone telling me my hair looked cute
8. An outfit I feel cute wearing
9. A really great MK sales director
10. Elevensies (I’ve taken to eating a small breakfast, cheese at elevensies, and a small lunch, lovely!)

(Als0 — this is my fiftieth post! Yay arbitrary milestones!)