I missed two days! Bad Anna.

1. An easy clean-up from our party
2. Sleeping in until like 10
3. Staying in bed chatting with my husband until 11
4. Staying in our PJs until 4pm (a VERY unusual occurance)
5. The work we got done organizing our office — pretty clean in there now
6. A whole extra day just to hang out with my best friend (who happens to be my hubby)
7. Girl time at the movies
8. Time after the movie to sit and chat
9. A wonderful girl best friend who gets and me and doesn’t mind that I’m wacky
10. A semi-early bed time

1. My awesome band, The So and Sos!
2. The opportunity my church gives me to play music with incredible people for service
3. Communication with my husband
4. A nap
5. A belt
6. Being able to make lots of food for the Superbowl party. I love feeding people!
7. 3rd place in the chili cookoff
8. A pretty seamless set up and tear down for the Superbowl party
9. The Patriots didn’t win the Superbowl! (Though I was hoping for the first scoreless SB, to be honest.)
10. That we don’t yet have a toddler who wants to follow me everywhere (I say this after having been followed by a 3-year-old into the bathroom last night at church).

Monday’s will have to come later.