It’s been a busy few days. Lots of things going on at work, and lots more things going on with Mary Kay and other aspects of my life. Anyway, here are The Tens:

1. Good pizza
2. The opportunity to get out of the office at lunch
3. My chiropractor
4. Getting my neck cracked
5. My student worker
6. A quick work day (even if it only felt quick because of how busy it was)
7. A little time at home with my love
8. Friends to make music with
9. Enchiladas (even if we had to pay for them)
10.  Flannel sheets

1. Students who are checking out this school
2. A job that I feel like I’m good at
3. That part of my job is party planning
4. Leaving early from work (even if I had to get up earlier)
5. Cheese steaks
6. Target
7.  A whole night home with my lovely husband
8. Interesting films
9. Homemade popcorn
10. Snuggling

1. Snow (if it’s pretty and doesn’t ruin my plans)
2. A slightly less crazy day than I’d planned for
3. Girl time in the morning
4. Being able to learn from a totally wonderful woman
5. Friend time
6. Naps
7. Hockey games with my love
8. Spontaneous pizza trips
9. Snow tires (!!!)
10. A husband who doesn’t mind if I am out all day running around

1. Crazy kiddos
2. The chance to play music with some different folks from church
3. My amazing church community
4. A whole afternoon at home
5. British television (seriously)
6. A really patient husband when I am nearing meltdown
7. Panna cotta
8. The huge blanket my mother-in-law knit for us for our wedding
9. A two-hour Downton Abbey
10. A fairly restful day overall

See you soon.