I know — Tuesday’s not over yet. I think it’ll be ok.

1. My hair lasting another day before I had to wash it (what?!)
2. A Target trip over lunchtime
3. A sale on tablecloths
4. Checking off several things from my work to-do list
5. Making my second Mary Kay sale!
6. Our small group
7. Panna Cotta (…seriously – it’s like creamy jello. yum!)
8. Fresh Guacamole
9. Pepto Bismol
10. Castle

1. Waking up to a lovely Valentine’s Day card from my husband
2. A husband who is so thoughtful
3. A fireplace to read near over lunch
4. The Harry Potter book series
5. Impending pork chops
6. Friends who make beautiful music for us to listen to
7. Friendly students
8. A day that is less busy than the last few work days have been
9. An upcoming week of students on break (I like them, it’s just that my office is so quiet during breaks…)
10. Purple tights

Happy Valentine’s Day!