1. Being mostly able to swallow
2. Feeling well enough to work most of the day
3. A quiet office
4. Netflix streaming
5. Enough time for a power nap
6. Date night!
7. Delicious seafood
8. Feeling really spoiled by my husband
9. Good conversation with my sexy husband
10. A night of relaxation and fun

1. A husband who helps me clean the house, even when it’s for an event I’m hosting
2. A clean house
3. A friend who gives up her time to help me as I begin my MK business
4. A really fun skin care class with a friend I haven’t seen in a while
5. Finding a cute outfit to wear
6. A little downtime with my hubs
7. Games
8. Family
9. Feeling better
10. Really good times laughing with friends

1. Friends who care about me
2. A church community who prays for each other
3. My family, dysfunctional as we are
4. A husband who cares about me and lets me cry when I need to
5. Good conversations with the hubs
6. Groceries
7. Upcoming Downton Abbey finale (although let’s be honest, I don’t want it to be over…)
8. A second job that’s flexible and profitable
9. Time to relax
10. Clean sheets

Have a good week, people! Stay healthy.