What a week. It was break for the students at my college, which luckily means I can sleep in a bit on work days, but also meant I was doing a mailing by myself, sans student worker. Anyway, the kiddos come back Monday, so it’ll be much louder in my office from here on out.

1. New Castle episode
2. An incredible small group
3. That all the panna cotta got eaten
4. Netflix instant while I was folding letters ALL DAY
5. A nice email from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while
6. Lunch with friends
7. Jitters’ Italian Philly sandwich. Yum.
8. Brinner!
9. A quiet office
10. A church community who cares about our city

1. Chili cook-off at work
2. That my curry chili came out pretty perfectly (but I didn’t win)
3. Friends at work who helped me fold letters during staff chapel
4. A very caring husband
5. Netflix streaming (yes, again)
6. A lovely date at Cibon with my super-hot hubs
7. A relaxing evening
8. The Scrubs series
9. A quiet office
10. That I finished my mailing on time!

1. Trash to Treasure event at school (I picked up some sweet stuff for free!)
2. That my building didn’t burn down (When I got to work, the fire alarm had been set off by some workmen)
3. Having friends at work I can visit when there are firemen inspecting my building
4. A successful trip to pick up baking supplies
5. A successful cake baked
6. Movie night with my hubs (Super 8 was great!)
7. That my husband made dinner while I had band practice
8. Band practice
9. A great series ending to Scrubs (end of Season 8. Yes…I bawled through pretty much the entire episode)
10. A good cry

1. Getting on the scale in the morning and being 3 pounds lighter. Progress!
2. Free lunch at work — indoor picnic with friends!
3. Getting out early to pick up my boss at the airport
4. That my raspberry ganache filling finally set enough in my cake
5. That frosting is also cake spackle
6. Getting my MK boxes in the mail (it’s like Christmas! even if it’s not all for me)
7. Getting all my MK orders dropped off and getting to say hi to friends in the process
8. A hubs who will run errands with me
9. That the cake I was working on worked out ok  (picture below)
10. That the hubs made dinner again so I could work on the cake

1. A super-productive day at work
2. A boss who likes me
3. The Accounting department at school (they are seriously wonderful)
4.  Lunch with friends
5. A good ham sandwich
6. A gig playing with friends
7. Genny Bock on tap
8. Fried green tomatoes! (my mouth is watering just remembering them)
9. Friends who freaking rock
10. Being able to be part of the RIT IV community once in a while and seeing friends there (Ok, that was two)

Been a good week! Here is the cake I made (it’s based on Annie’s cake design) — guinness chocolate cake with raspberry ganache filling and fondant:

Photo borrowed from Rich (Happy birthday!)