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One pot. For everything (sauce, pasta, etc.). This is my new favorite way to make pasta.

Here’s what you do: Fill your pot with water like you normally would to make pasta. Be sure to salt the water. Once it’s boiling, toss in your noodles.

When the noodles are almost done, you can toss in some fresh broccoli or asparagus chunks and they will be cooked perfectly by the time the pasta is done.

When your noodles are cooked how you like them, don’t just dump it out into a colander in the sink. Keep the noodles in the pot and strain out most of the water, either by putting a colander over the pasta, or using the lid. Leave some of the starchy water in the pot, you’ll want that to mix with the sauce! Toss in your sauce, and if you have any cooked protein ready, you can toss that in now. We like to microwave a few meatballs and toss those in. No need to heat it all again — the pasta and leftover starchy water will heat the sauce.

Voila, one pot pasta! Enjoy!

Notes: As far as pasta and sauce go, if we don’t make our own sauce, we like Wegman’s smooth marinara or tomato basil, and Barilla Plus (more protein!).